About me

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From Java to the Java tower

Born in an orphanage in Jakarta Indonesia as Thjajono Tati Binti Sia, raised in the Netherlands as Frank Oonk. I experienced a story about entrepreneurship, failure, “getting ahead of the music” and the value of money. A story about the search for recognition and balance, a story from Java to the Java tower. Refering to the place i was born and the office location of my first company.

I have now found that balance …


In particular, the article in the AD is misleading, but really true. I found out that no one should look for luck, but work for luck. Money is only a means that you are awarded by others, profit is only an aim to guarantee your right to exist as an entrepreneur and success only creates clarity in your life. Although success is a good indicator of your self-esteem, it is oh so perishable.

I do not earn this kind of luck by working only 4 hours a week. No, I only do 4 hours a week that I really hate: administration, maintenance etc. In the rest of the time I try to shorten those 4 hours by automation, concepting, deals, physical and mental development and growing my network; what I like to do. This makes my remaining time on earth more beautiful and I get more and more confidence in me (my own creative ability).

I am not a Nyenrode-driven business guru or gifted speaker, but I have been on the verge of bankruptcy, employed 15 FTEs and sold something that started as a personel dream & need, to a corporate enterprise: Volker Wessels Telecom. As a result 100.000+ people per month now grant me my current monthly wages..

…i’m happy to tell you more about: #zeropoint.